Twenty five years after the EPA vetoed the Army Corps of Engineers approval of Denver Water’s Two Forks Dam, Colorado Trout Unlimited honored Denver Water at their 2016 River Stewardship Gala.

Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU) recognized Denver Water for advances in water conservation and watershed stewardship as well as national leadership in advancing water efficiency.  Denver Water actively works with conservation groups to improve conditions on the Colorado River through the “Learning by Doing” partnership. Twenty five years after the Two Forks veto, Denver Water is now working with former adversaries as partners on river stewardship.

LRE’s Bob Weaver, who served as the first Executive Director of Colorado Trout Unlimited from 1972 to 1979, was part of the team of environmentalists opposing Two Forks in the 1980s. Bob was honored to help David Nickum, Executive Director of CTU present the award to his longtime friend, Denver Water CEO/ Manager Jim Lochhead.

Colorado Trout Unlimited continues to pursue river restoration and water quality protection projects and was glad to recognize the collaborative assistance from Denver Water. And, CTU sold out their 2016 River Stewardship Gala and raised a lot of money to support those efforts.

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