Jordan Furnans and Dave Colvin of LRE Water, LLC recently gave a presentation at the Texas Water Conservation Association’s 72nd annual convention at The Woodlands in Houston, Texas. The presentation was titled “Can/Should Texas Learn from Colorado?  A primer on Groundwater Surface Water Interactions and Regulation.” The session, which provided a background on history of regulation in Colorado and on the analytical methods and tools available to define and quantify the extent of groundwater surface water interaction was well attended, and well received. Some people hope that the groundwater and surface water users can each operate independently, without regard for changes in groundwater levels or surface water flows that might result. LRE knows that it is a challenge to develop a regulatory structure that can use the latest science to characterize hydrologic reality, while recognizing the reliance on existing pumping and surface water use patterns in the local economy. The unique political and legal landscape of each state makes it even more difficult.

It will be interesting to see how Texas water law evolves as the competition for water supplies increases. We will continue providing information and advice to our clients based on sound scientific methods.

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