Our VP of Strategic Growth, Cortney Brand, is stepping in for Gregg Ten Eyck this month on the President’s Corner blog.

LRE has served clients in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the United States for 47 years. Although rooted in Colorado, LRE has served clients in many Western states. To better serve our clients and to expand our geographic footprint, LRE broke with tradition and opened an Austin, TX office in 2015 and a Phoenix, AZ office earlier this year. Texas and Arizona share Colorado’s diversity of landscapes and hydrology, and have growing populations and increasing demands on limited water resources. These ingredients create challenges and opportunities for our clients and for LRE’s staff.

Along with its office expansions, LRE has enhanced its expertise in surface water and hydraulic modeling, hydrographic surveying, groundwater modeling, and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) systems. Water storage is critical in the West, but it’s increasingly difficult to permit and develop new surface storage reservoirs. As a result, water providers are looking to aquifers as potential storage vessels. Gary Gin, LRE’s Phoenix Office Manager, is a nationally-recognized expert in ASR systems. While at the City of Phoenix, Gary led the development of award-winning ASR well systems and drove innovations in well design and operations that can benefit water providers throughout the West. Gary enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated from years of planning, permitting, building and operating groundwater production and ASR facilities.

We’re excited about the firm’s expansions into Texas and Arizona, and we look forward to introducing our new staff to you. The water industry is a dynamic place, and I speak for all of LRE when I say we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

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