Dick is a Senior Advisor in the Water Resources Group at LRE. As Senior Advisor Dick provides advice to staff and clients on a wide range of specialties covering both surface water and ground water for municipal, irrigation, domestic, commercial, industrial, recreational and environmental uses. This advice covers water supply project planning and coordination, long-range water supply and demand evaluation, modelling, ditch and reservoir operation support, interstate and intrastate water administration, litigation support and expert witness testimony, water rights valuations, and conflict resolution.

Dick is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado and obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Colorado State University. Dick served the State Engineer’s Office for 24 years with the last 10 years as State Engineer. Prior to that, he was employed for seven years with Spronk Water Engineers. During these tenures Dick authored many books and publications and remained active in several professional societies and organizations. Dick has been recognized with several awards and honors for his service. His public service also includes being a city councilman and mayor of Ft. Lupton. He is proud to be a Colorado native and farmer who greatly enjoys spending a lot of time with his family, including seven grandchildren.