Jon has more 30 years of experience as a consulting hydrogeologist and 11 years of experience as a coal, uranium, and petroleum exploration geologist/engineer. He has been involved in groundwater resource and energy development projects throughout the Rocky Mountain states. He has designed water wells, infiltration galleries, and spring collection systems, along with oil and gas wells. He also has designed a variety of pumping systems and water hammer protection systems. Jon has also served as an expert witness in a number of water rights litigations in both Colorado and Arizona involving impacts of groundwater production on surface water rights. This work has included developing aquifer mass balances and various computer models to evaluate the timing and magnitude of the impact of well pumping on streams. Jon holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Geological Engineering and Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of MInes. He is registered Professional Engineer in Colorado, Geological Engineer in Arizona, Professional Geologist in Wyoming and is Certified as a Professional Geologist by AIPG. Jon and his wife Debbi enjoy traveling and spending time at their cabin in Estes Park. Also, Jon is avidly in pursuit of proficiency as a landscape photographer.