As an engineer on the Water Innovation and Technology team, Katy works on a diverse range of projects including water resources code and tool development, water resources planning, and hydrologic modeling and analyses. She specializes in transforming complex water resources data into succinct and useful information that clients and stakeholders can use to gain actionable insights. This includes modeling for decision support as well as data integration and visualization, database design and management, and developing web-based interactive data portals. Katy works with numerous types of Colorado water-related data to support water rights, water quality, water use, supply and demand optimization, rainfall-runoff predictions, and river and reservoir operations.

Prior to joining LRE Water in 2014, Katy worked as a National Science Foundation graduate fellow with research focused on surface water-groundwater interactions in both large regulated rivers and small headwater streams, as well as wildfire impacts on infiltration. When she isn’t coding, Katy can be found gardening, curled up in her backyard hammock with a good book, or trying out a new bake inspired by The Great British Bake Off.