Roscoe is a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) who began his hydrogeology career in 2006. His areas of focus include providing clients with high-value deliverables on hydrogeologic and GIS spatial analysis assessments, aquifer vulnerability and source water protection analyses, and high-capacity well siting and testing projects. Expertise includes development of hydrogeologic conceptual models and evaluation of complex groundwater flow systems associated with unconsolidated and fractured bedrock media; siting, designing, and testing high-capacity wells in unconsolidated and bedrock aquifers; completing aquifer sustainability analyses; GIS 2D and 3D modeling of large and highly complex geospatial datasets; working closely with State and LGU agencies; and project management. Roscoe serves as a Senior Environmental Scientist and project manager for public, private, and industrial clients across the Midwest. In his free time, Roscoe is found spending time with family enjoying many outdoor activities, including running, fishing, hunting, canoeing the BWCAW in Northern Minnesota, exploring Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands in Wisconsin, or working on his latest home renovation project.