Stephanie joined LRE Water as a Staff Hydrogeologist in October 2021. Stephanie’s doctoral research applied novel chemical tracers to the study of karst groundwater systems and documenting the role of long-term relationships in groundwater resource management. A particularly rewarding aspect of Stephanie’s graduate experience has been conducting and communicating relevant research to support science-based water resources management at the local and regional levels, and she is excited to continue that work in her post-graduate career. Stephanie works in the Texas business unit at LRE Water. 

Stephanie earned a PhD in Geosciences from Baylor University in 2021, and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences From Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. A Canuck at heart, Stephanie enjoys cheering for the Edmonton Oilers and recreating food that she grew up eating in Canada. Stephanie travels too much to keep a pet, but loves spending time with her housemate’s two dogs, both of whom are convinced she belongs to them.

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