On-Call Water Resources

The Winter Park Water & Sanitation District serves the potable water demand for the Winter Park ski area and Old Town Winter Park.  The District relies upon direct flow diversions from the Fraser River for its water supply, and serves an in-house demand that peaks during the winter ski season (when river flows are at their lowest) and again during the mid-summer tourist season.

LRE has provided water rights consulting services and water supply planning for the District since 1975, including expert testimony in support of a District water right application.  As the District plans for significant growth within its service area, and experiences drought conditions and competing demands on the Fraser River, LRE has performed water use projections and conducted studies of various alternative potential water supply sources, as well as a hydrological analysis of the surface water supply and a ground water analysis of the Fraser River alluvium in the area.  A preferred alternative was selected, based on water availability, construction costs and configuration, and potential for coordination with other entities.  LRE has also participated in numerous meetings, discussions and negotiations, on behalf of the District, with other entities with interests in the Fraser River, including the Denver Water Board, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, and other Western Slope entities, to assist with the development of mutually beneficial plans and agreements for shared use of a limited resource.