Rocky Ford Water Treatment Plant Improvements

LRE prepared a Final Environmental Review Report for improvements to the Rocky Ford water system, as a part of the requirements to enable the City of Rocky Ford to receive project funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The project included:

  1. modifications to the City of Rocky Ford’s water treatment plant;
  2. replacement of an existing pump station;
  3. addition of a new water storage tank; and
  4. addition of a new well and transmission lines to the public water supply system.

LRE prepared the Final Environmental Review Report in compliance with the Rural Utility Service (RUS) Final Rules Governing Environmental Policies and Procedures, and in close coordination with RUS staff.  This analysis required assessing impacts to land use, important farmland, and formally classified lands; floodplains; wetlands; cultural resources; biological resources (including threatened and endangered species); water quality issues; coastal resources; socioeconomic and environmental justice issues.