Roxborough Diversion Study
  • Completed feasibility-level designs for alternatives for construction of a 24 cfs diversion structure
  • Aided in the development of design criteria by evaluating timing of availability of water in the river versus cost and structure requirements to divert at various in stream flow rates
  • The feasibility design was for a unique, habitat-friendly, combined diversion / discharge structure that would allow treated effluent to be discharged at the diversion point while providing hydraulic separation between the effluent and diverted water
  • Evaluated a pump station, 2,500 foot pipeline to tie into the provider’s raw water system and project permitting requirements
  • Conducted evaluations of Section 404 permitting requirements for several options
  • Design options were incorporated to minimize the level of Section 404 permitting needed, with avoidance of impacts (and thus no need for an individual permit) a primary goal
  • Minimizing the level of permit needed (i.e., Individual > Nationwide > no permit) can save time and money on the final project, and is a win-win for the client and the environment