Water Conservation Plan

In 2004, the CWCB passed Colorado’s Water Conservation Act of 2004, which requires all retail water providers who sell at least 2,000 acre-feet of water annually to develop and gain CWCB approval of a water conservation plan. As of July 1, 2005, the minimum water conservation plan requirement elements were defined by the CWCB in §37-60-126(4) C.R.S.. Broomfield had been operating their first phase of conservation programs at this point from their original Conservation Plan. LRE worked with Broomfield staff to develop a new Water Conservation Plan per the new statutes and gained CWCB approval for this plan in March of 2012. Broomfield’s buildout population is 83,300 by 2030 and had an annual demand of about 10,000 acre-feet in 2008. Through the development of this plan, demand projections were calculated based on customer class (ie residential, commercial, etc.) as well as anticipated population increases. Demand projections with current levels of conservation were compared with demand projections with additional conservation measures. Broomfield has been operating a reuse system for non-potable water supplies for years, and this raw water demand was projected separately from the treated water demand.