Water Rights Engineering Services

LRE has served as the City’s water resources engineering firm since 1991.  LRE provides on-call services for a variety of projects including water rights management, permitting, and development review.  Initially, LRE assessed the physical and legal availability of water to the City under its existing water rights, and projected water demands for the anticipated growth of the City.

  • Assess the physical and legal availability of water for the City, and for storage, under existing water rights and using available and estimated streamflow data
  • Project water demands for anticipated growth
  • Perform watershed modeling to evaluate water availability and system wide operational modeling to determine if demands can be met
  • Develop and maintain water rights accounting and coordination of water rights operations among various entities on Clear Creek
  • Litigation support including preparation of expert disclosure reports, review of application and proposed decrees, participation in settlement negotiations and expert testimony in Water Court for changes of water rights, direct flow, ground water, and storage rights, augmentation plans, and exchanges. Includes the review of Water Court applications by other entities for the purpose of protecting City’s interests
  • Participate in the Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association on behalf of the City
  • Technical assistance with nutrient issues for project permitting and negotiation of CDPS discharge permits
  • Testimony on behalf of the City at water quality standards rulemaking proceedings before the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission