CCBWQA Watershed Coordinator

Since 2010, LRE has worked as CCBWQA’s Watershed Consultant.  Recent efforts involved completely rewriting to the Basin’s nine-year-old Watershed Plan.  The new plan centers on protecting the beneficial uses of Cherry Creek Reservoir.  LRE worked with the Board, Technical Advisory Committee, watershed management agencies, and other stakeholders, throughout plan development.  All had different concerns and areas of interest; LRE engaged these diverse entities to develop an overall prioritization of strategies for the entire watershed.

The Watershed Plan, included an assessment of current conditions and regulatory requirements, projection of future watershed conditions, identification of potential pollutant sources throughout watershed, evaluation and prioritization of targeted management strategies, consideration of financial opportunities/constraints, and recommendations for immediate implementation via annual action plans.

Other watershed technical services provided for CCBWQA include:

  • Water quality standards development
  • Evaluation of options to control pollutants
  • Development of technical guidance
  • Assistance with other agencies’ permitting requirements
  • Review and comment on outside technical reports to CCBWQA and participate in rulemaking hearings
  • Technical support in the development of informational/educational materials
  • Participation in Board and Technical Advisory Committee meetings
  • Coordination with other stakeholders
  • Fulfillment of technical assignments from Board and TAC
  • Facilitating water quality subcommittee meetings

Compilation of annual reports documenting watershed changes and progress in meeting goals.