UDFCD Web-Based Flood Warning Maps and Real-Time Rainfall
  • The District is one of LRE’s oldest clients. Kelly Close is the current Project Manager and has worked with the UDFCD since 2007.
  • LRE provides online tools for the District that allow emergency managers to monitor flood risk and the general public to access the significant store of climate data that the District collects in the Denver Metro area.
  • Free and open web and database tools have leveraged to to republish real-time data and provide intuitive, map-based interfaces to real-time data and flood warning information. These tools are open to the public at udfcd-alert.org.
  • LRE also maintains and operates five real-time rainfall runoff models for the District, a system which runs off the District’s ALERT system data and provides a web interface to model results and e-mail alerts of high flows.