Comprehensive Commercial Water Services

LRE Water provides integrated water resource engineering, water development planning, management, and permitting for its industrial water clients.  Rather than simply providing services, we form partnerships with our clients and together we focus on developing solutions.  We employ sophisticated water-related tools to build flexible yet sustainable water solutions that provide measurable improvement in capital and operational efficiencies.

Benefits to Industry Clients

The O&G industry faces significant challenges with respect to comprehensive oilfield water management strategy. Since the erosion in oil prices in mid-2014, our clients demand increased efficiencies and reduced costs for their water needs, both pre- and post-completion. LRE provides expertise in water management strategy and engineering that assist our O&G clients to:

  • Reduce CAPEX and long-term OPEX
  • Provide legal, reliable, consistent, sustainable water supplies that are available on demand which meets volume, water quality and regulatory criteria
  • Optimize well field development related to water logistics
  • Manage and minimize risks: environmental, safety, communities, seismicity, trucks (noise, emissions, damage to infrastructure, public safety etc.)