We assist public and private clients comply with Clean Water Act (CWA), Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act (FWCA), National Pollutant Discharge System (NPDES), and other federal, state, and local requirements. Past and current projects include Section 404 permits (including wetlands delineations and biological assessments), Section 401 certifications, new capacity planning system requirements for drinking water facilities, environmental assessments, participation in large regional water supply project Environmental Impact Statement processes, Section 7 Consultation and Section 10 Takings Permits. Other areas of expertise include 1041 Permits, U.S. Forest Service Special Use Permits, Colorado Discharge Permit System (CDPS), Use Attainability Analyses (UAA), 303(d) hearings, Section 208 wastewater utility planning, and Superfund cleanup activities. We also work with clients helping them develop and implement local stormwater and pretreatment programs in compliance with state and federal requirements.