The internet has changed how people access and use information and we now expect to find data online and interact with informative analytics and maps on the web.  Communicating with people today about water requires working within this new paradigm.  LRE has both the web development skills and Colorado water resources expertise to turn your data into web based graphics, maps and tools.  Internet pages can be secured behind a login or open to the public and they are always based on the latest web technology.  LRE also provides cloud system setup and hosting and can manage and maintain web-based data visualization systems long term.

Not all data visualization belongs on the internet however.  In addition to web-based graphics, LRE has many years of experience developing data communication graphics and maps in hard-copy, for public outreach, reporting and water court exhibits.  We have in-house GIS and graphics expertise with the domain knowledge to turn complex water issues into clear and intuitive visual presentations.