Right-Sized Water Consulting Services

The LRE Water Rights Team applies its breadth of experience and expertise in water rights engineering to support a wide range of planning and management needs.  Our experience shows that water planning requires consideration of the both short-term and long-term impacts.  Our team offers the skills and tools necessary to evaluate, plan, and manage a water portfolio capable of meeting all needs while addressing their associated impacts.

Water Rights Experts Use A Variety of Tools

Our services include diligence investigation of water rights for potential purchase or sale, including the preparation of water rights valuations and opinions of value.  We use a wide range of modeling tools, from spreadsheets to basin-wide models such as StateMod and WAM, to perform water yield evaluations and planning studies.  We translate complex decrees and administration protocol into easily-understood language and manageable requirements. Plus, we routinely support long-term water supply planning by developing projection models that compare future replacement obligations and available supplies.

Encyclopedic Knowledge of Colorado Water Rights

Our team has a detailed understanding and knowledge of water rights throughout the western United States. We provide water court litigation support and expert testimony in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Idaho.  On behalf of applicants and objectors, our Water Rights Team performs historical consumptive use analyses for changes of use, develops augmentation plans, analyzes exchange potential, evaluates the effects of new water right applications or operations, and participates in settlement negotiations.